Live Beats 2019 With Benji and Fede, Achille Lauro, Baby K and … Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo Switch 2019, the New Model Confirmed by Nvidia's Financial Results?

Bringing smiles on people’s faces: this has always been one of Nintendo’s missions, which translates into a vision of entertainment as a genuine tool to bring people together through fun.

A philosophy that, developing over time, has led to the creation of a gaming platform like Nintendo Switch: a unique console, able to facilitate aggregation between people and entertain them, favoring conviviality. Thanks to the possibility of disconnecting it from the TV and continuing to play outside the home in portable mode and, above all, the fact that you always have two controllers available with a simple gesture, it is truly the console to share for excellence. And that’s why Nintendo has decided to take part with Nintendo Switch at Battiti Live 2019, the traveling music festival that hosts the most beloved and well-known singers of the Italian music scene on the stages of the most beautiful cities in Puglia.

An event that every Sunday, until the end of July, will see more than 70 artists alternate in front of an audience of hundreds of people and that will also be able to count on a series of activities organized by Nintendo, designed to entertain and get to know more people. possible thanks to Nintendo Switch. Visitors will in fact be able to participate in tournaments and games by finding their playmate on the spot: everyone will have to go in search of their own half, with which they will then share Joy-Cons to have fun together. An activity that fits perfectly with the classic Nintendo approach that has always distinguished it, attentive to the impact on players and designed to promote aggregation and a sense of community.

Nintendo Switch is the only console that allows you to discover the pleasure of playing together, of sharing quality leisure moments wherever you are, putting everyone in agreement and creating a festive atmosphere or moments of healthy challenge. Thanks to its dual nature, both home and portable, it is a device that adapts to anyone’s lifestyle: without a doubt, it is the most comfortable, flexible and dynamic console ever, therefore suitable for those who lead an active and lively life, but above all perfect for summer.