Marvel the Great Alliance 3, Discovered an Easter Egg on Daredevil Netflix

Marvel the Great Alliance 3

The players of Marvel The Great Alliance 3 The Black Order have discovered in these hours a curious easter egg of the game linked to the Netflix series (now canceled) Marvel’s Daredevil. Warning: the following contains spoilers.

In the third chapter of the game (The World of Shadows) is remembered as Kingpin could be in possession of a Gem of Infinity and shortly after this event the protagonists meet Daredevil, before having to see it with a wave of ninja: at this point he intervenes just the Red Devil exclaiming the phrase “I can give my best fighting in the corridors “, a clear reference to the TV series aired on Netflix.

Despite the non-exciting reviews, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 for Nintendo Switch is enjoying great success in North America where it became the third-best launch of the year for the console in 48 hours, preceded only by New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe and Super Mario Maker 2.