PlayStation Vita: New Firmware Update Available for Download

A New Playstation Vita Game Has Been Awarded the 10/10 Rating in Japan!

Although it has stopped production, Sony does not seem to have any intention of terminating the support of PS Vita, as can be seen from the latest firmware update of the Japanese giant’s portable console, which solves some security flaws.

This is update 3.71, which sets a weak point in the console thanks to which players could use homebrew games, including pirated video games. A further step forward in the continuing struggle of Sony and the gaming giants in general against piracy.

The timing of the update is interesting and is probably due to the fact that just a month ago, the modder community created a new jailbreak called Trinity, which exploits the weakness of PS Vita mentioned above.

Version 3.71 of the firmware solves the problem, even though many people have given up updating the console in order to continue using homebrews.

As mentioned in the preview, Sony has stopped producing PS Vita and no longer offers free video games for its portable console along with the PS Plus subscription. In addition, PS Vita games may no longer be available by 2020.

NDR: the news is reported solely for the record. The editors of in its entirety are firmly against piracy in all its uses and forms.