Rocket League: The Package Dedicated to Kitt of Supercar Arrives


If you’ve always wanted to drive KITT, the famous car that stars in the cult TV series of the 1980s Supercar, with David Hasselhoff, your dreams are about to come true thanks to the latest Rocket League update.

Actually, even in real life, we ​​are almost there, given that among artificial intelligence and voice commands, almost all modern cars have characteristics similar to that of the TV series in question. But the original doesn’t fight, and so here is that the Rocket League DLC will give a smile especially to the most nostalgic of you.

As you may have guessed, the main feature of the new downloadable content of the Psyonix title is precisely the possibility of being able to use KITT from Supercar ( Knight Rider in the original version), faithfully recreated to the original but, they want to jokingly specify the developers, “the automatic driving is not included”: you will, therefore, have to rely on your skills.

For the occasion, a trailer for the new DLC was also released, which is available at the price of 1.99 euros, and which you can find on top of the news. What do you think of this news? Will you dive into the 80s nostalgia with Rocket League?