BJ’s Twin Daughters Challenge the Nazis in the Wolfenstein Youngblood Launch Video

Wolfenstein Youngblood Will Support Ray Tracing, Announced an NVIDIA Geforce Bundle

Confirmed the absence of Ray Tracing at the launch of Youngblood, the authors of MachineGames dive back into the violent dimension of Wolfenstein Youngblood to feed us the launch trailer of the new chapter Bethesda branded this iconic shooter series.

Among clips of gameplay and cinematic scenes taken from previous episodes, the video shown to us by the Swedish developers allows us to become familiar with the playful and narrative dynamics that we will experience taking a journey into the Nazi Paris of this parallel universe to search for the late BJ Blazkowicz.

Particular attention is given, obviously, to the shooter mechanics on which the whole implication of gameplay will be built which, for the first time since the beginning of the series, will allow fans to tackle the adventure missions in cooperative multiplayer, both alone that flanked by an AI-controlled teammate.

The official Wolfenstein Youngblood release is scheduled for Friday, July 26 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Take a look at the launch video and let us know if, like BJ’s twin daughters, you can’t wait to get ahead with bullets in the ranks of Nazi soldiers and cyborgs.