Control Is Ready: Remedy’s Paranormal Metroidvania Enters the Gold Phase

Control: Dynamic Gameplay

Control’s chief developer, Mikael Kasurinen, confirms the successful completion of the Gold phase that testifies to the end of the development phase and, from his Twitter profile, proudly shows the Blu-ray disc onto which the final copy of the next one was poured, ambitious Remedy action metroidvania.

The photo that captures version 1.0 of Control (in its console edition for PS4) is accompanied by an enthusiastic message from Kasurinen explaining that “It’s done. New intellectual property, new technology, new game structure, new direction, three platforms. And three years to complete it. What an extraordinary result from the best development team on the planet!”.

The new adventure of the Finnish authors following Sam Lake, the father of Max Payne, Quantum Break and Alan Wake (and maybe also of Alan Wake 2 ), will see us play the young director of a secret US agency in charge of facing the threat represented by a paranormal force able to upset the space-time tissue and bend gravity.

Thanks to the Gold phase, we can, therefore, look forward to August 27th as we wait for Control to see the light on PC (as exclusive Epic Store), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you missed them, on these pages you can retrieve the two cards with the minimum and recommended requirements of the PC version, with attached information on the Ray Tracing support of Control and on the GPU necessary to hunt the multidimensional creatures of the Oldest House using a dynamic lighting system in DXR.