Could Google Stadia Offer Steam Streaming Access in the Future?

Could Google Stadia Offer Steam

During the Questions and Answers session held on Reddit by Andrey Doronichev, the Google executive said he was open to the possibility of offering Stadia users the possibility of streaming access to the catalog of video games purchased with their Steam account.

Discussing the opportunities offered by such a partnership that, of course, would significantly contribute to expanding the audience of gamers interested in signing a Pro subscription to Google Stadia, the Mountain View product’s Product Manager explained that “this is a really good question! My public relations officer will kill me … but I would like to emphasize that we always evaluate every option to make Google Stadia a better place for players”.

The possible arrival of Steam on Stadia would allow users of the new Google game streaming service to rely on the US company’s infrastructure to play its 4K and 60fpstitles in the cloud with the equivalent of a high-end PC.

In any case, given the complexity of the operation, it will take a long time to wait before attending the Steam catalog on Google Stadia: in the meantime, use the comments form to share your opinion on the matter.