Dreams: Media Molecule Hires the Most Talented Teams of Level Creators

Dreams: Media Molecule

In keeping with the word given to Dreams fans, the upper echelons of Media Molecule decide to turn their gaze towards the now expert level creators of the Dreams Early Access phase to expand their development team ahead of the launch of the full version of their sandbox.

With an open letter published on the pages of their official website, the leaders of the English software house invite all independent groups of Dreams level creators to apply to become part of the official development team.

In this first phase, the search for personnel will, therefore, be limited to the “only” groups of fans who have shown that they possess the necessary skills to carry out mini-games, polygonal models, audio tracks or interactive films within close-knit teams, dividing the load equally work with other members of your team.

Through the hiring of the most talented groups that will be selected over the next few weeks, and which will be offered the opportunity to sign a full-time contract to make their passion a real profession , the declared purpose of the authors British is to multiply the contents present in the Sogniverso and give way to Media Molecule to expand its vision to lead the software house in ever new and, therefore, original directions. An approach, the latter, adopted in the past by the developers of Guildford to create the platform multiverse by LittleBigPlanet and imagine the colorful microcosm of Tearaway.