Fortnite: That’s When Season 10 Could End

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There is now little more than a week to go before the highly anticipated season 10 of Fortnite Battaglia Reale and, as usual, the data miners are constantly working with the aim of discovering every single detail possible on the upcoming contents.

If the role of the mysterious Sponde of the Sacking is still unknown, it may have been discovered that the day will mark the end of next season. In fact, according to a recent tweet by the now-famous leaker Lucas7yoshi, Fortnite Battaglia Reale’s Season 10 will end on 10 October 2019. It is therefore not to be excluded that Fortnite Season 11 can begin a week later, or October 17th, leaving the room once again for a week dedicated first to the end-of-season event and then to the launch of the Extraordinary Time Challenges, which propose usually alternative styles of the Season Pass.

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