Fortnite World Cup: Users Are Worried About “Double Heavy”

Double Heavy

There are only a few days left to the finals of the Fortnite World Battle Royal Cup and, to worry a large number of Epic Games battle royale fans, it is the possibility of using a particular weapon to destroy enemy defenses.

Let’s talk about the technique called “Double Heavy”, that is the use of a double Heavy Sniper Rifle. If both members of a team were to get hold of the powerful weapon, they could coordinate their shots to eliminate the enemies hidden behind a building. This rifle, in fact, is capable of destroying any structure and eliminating any player with a simple hit, regardless of the point hit. Some teams then coordinate to fire two shots in quick succession, so that the first can eliminate the structure and the second the enemy hidden behind it. Such tactics may, according to some, ruin the experience of the World Cup and more and more players are asking the developers to remedy them.

Waiting for a response from the developers, we leave you with a short video showing the Double Heavy in action.

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Double heavy sniper is the most broken combo right now. from FortniteCompetitive