GTA 5: One of the First Ideas for Single Player DLCs Included a Zombie Apocalypse

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Despite the great success of the GTA IV single-player expansions (Lost & Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony) Rockstar Games has not released DLC for the GTA V story, preferring to focus its efforts on support for GTA Online. wanted to investigate the issue with the testimonies of various data miner and insiders, who confirmed the existence of plans for various single-player DLCs, at least in the initial stages of the commercial life of GTA V.

The Rockstar programs apparently provided a complete redesign (80 or 90%) of the map to cover various themes in the individual episodes, in particular, we talk about a zombie apocalypse DLC and an expansion focused on Ocean’s Eleven style shots, the idea this then changed in the Robbery of GTA Online.

Many of the contents initially conceived for the single-player were then transformed into multiplayer content and integrated into Grand Theft Auto Online, while at this point it seems really difficult, if not impossible, to expect expansions related to the history of GTA 5.

It is not clear if Rockstar Games will follow the same path even with Red Dead Redemption II and Red Dead Online, at the moment DLC has not been announced for the adventure of Arthur Morgan.