GTA Online Diamond Casino: Where to Find All the Hidden Playing Cards

GTA Online

Finally, the GTA Online Casino & Resort Diamond has opened its doors, offering numerous exclusive activities for players. Among the various novelties, in the State of San Andreas 54 hidden playing cards have been introduced: in this mini-guide, we show you where to find them all.

The cards in question were scattered in the giant map of GTA Online. As you can imagine, finding them all is a difficult undertaking, to say the least. To help you aim, below we show the exact location of the 54 hidden from Cards of GTA Online: Diamond Casino & Resort, by telling you the rewards that unlock after they found all.

Where to find the hidden playing cards

To help you find all 54 GTA Online hidden cards: Diamond Casino & Resort, we have proposed a map and a video showing you their positions. At the bottom of the page, you can consult the map with the positions of all the playing cards, so as to get an idea about their distribution within the game world. To make it easier to find the exact positions of the cards, we advise you to take a look at the video at the top.

Expected rewards

By collecting hidden playing cards, you will receive Reputation Points, chips for use in the casino and some money to invest in slot machines and card games at the tables. Once you have succeeded in getting all 54 playing cards, you will be rewarded with an exclusive outfit to wear, a set of cards to use in your private suite, and finally a reward yet to be revealed that you can redeem in Red Dead Online.

On this occasion, we remind all GTA Online players that Diamond Casino offers two season tickets: Standard and Vip.