GTA Online: Here Are the Bonuses and Customizations of the Casino & Resort Diamond Penthouse

GTA Online

In addition to the missions of History and the bonuses of the Diamond Casino, among the many innovations that accompany the highly anticipated update of GTA Online dedicated to the Casino & Resort Diamond we also find the Luxury Attic, an exclusive in-game apartment built on the terrace of the new attraction of Vinewood.

Characterized by a magnificent swimming pool and a large meeting area where you can organize parties (and shots) with your multiplayer adventure companions, the Diamond Resort Penthouse is built in such a way as to guarantee the highest level of comfort for its lucky buyers, with numerous customization options ranging from wall decorations to furniture style, to the color of individual furnishings.

Thanks to the Penthouse Management option introduced in the GTA Online Interaction menu it will be possible to place the new decorations in each room, thus giving a personal touch to the individual rooms of the extra-luxury suite. Anyone who wants to live the dream of every home decorator can even customize the attic layout with eight optional additions: Multimedia Room, Relaxation Area, Bar, Spa, Office, Room for Hospices, Garage and Private Croupier.

Finally, each of the Attic’s tenants will be provided with a VIP subscription that allows exclusive and free use of special services such as valet parking, champagne, and limousines, as well as access to high-stakes tables and the VIP area.