How to Hack an Enemy’s Brain in Cyberpunk 2077? CD Projekt Explains This


In the new Cyberpunk 2077 mini-development diary published on Twitter by CD Projekt RED, Level Designer Miles Tost talks about the bizarre system we will use to hack the brains of enemies.

Without showing us the actual game scenes, the developer of the Polish software house helps us to get into the sci-fi dimension of Cyberpunk 2077 telling us how the protagonist V is able to graft himself onto the wrist of nanotubes with which he can interface with the operating system neural of the adversaries.

The system illustrated by Tost resembles that glimpsed in passing in the long video gameplay published by CD Projekt in the weeks following E3 2018, albeit with subtle but important differences represented by the “narrative context”. On that occasion, in fact, the netrunner V used the Nanowires grafted onto his bionic arm to stabilize the vital parameters of an NPC, only to reuse them in a combat phase to gain access to the mnemonic UI of an enemy, hoping to crashing the operating system and gaining valuable time in the shootings or inducing him to take action against his will.

We do not know, therefore, if the new Nanowires-based hacking system illustrated by Tost will differ from that admired in mid-2018.