New Japanese Spot for Code Vein, Due out in September

The Code Vein Closed Network Test Registrations Are Open!

Code Vein is a project that is really much awaited by fans, given that it aims to offer a new look to soulslike, a genre that has now definitely entered the heart of gamers, but that perhaps even begins to be a little too inflated.

The breath of fresh air that seems to offer the title of Bandai Namco, therefore, can only be good for the videogame panorama, but there is still a little to find out if the game will actually keep the premises, given that the release is scheduled for 27 September on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The game also, as a tradition for soulslike, will offer a particularly high degree of challenge: as stated by the developers, even in co-op Code Vein will be quite difficult and it will be necessary to die several times before finding the key to the problem.

In the meantime, however, the software house has released a new trailer for Code Vein, a commercial that will be broadcast on Japanese TV, and that joins the many videos shown overtime on the video game.

The video in question can be found, as usual, on top of the news.