Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con Drifting: Free Replacements and Refunds on Arrival?


In recent days, much has been said about Joy-Con Drifting, a problem that afflicts the analog joystick of some Nintendo Switch controllers. The Kyoto house issued a brief note inviting the players involved in this issue to contact the assistance service, but now new details emerge from a VICE reportage.

At present, the repair of the Joy-Con afflicted by the problem of drifting is carried out in most cases for a fee, with a warranty on accessories valid for 90 days, at least in the United States. However, VICE has had access to a private document which shows that ” users will no longer be asked for Joy-Con purchase proof, furthermore it will not be necessary to confirm the warranty status. There are also reimbursements for those who have already performed interventions for a fee. “

An important change therefore to the terms of service and guarantee, some users have claimed to have paid 40 dollars for the repair of their Joy-Con, ten dollars less than the purchase of a new controller, a figure that immediately gave rise to numerous controversy.

We look forward to an official release from Nintendo on the matter, as reported in any case appears to be valid only for the United States while reimbursement and guarantee policies in Europe could be handled differently according to local laws.