Nintendo Switch: The First Controller With Headphone Jack Is Coming


One of the most criticized aspects of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is the total absence of headphone output, a feature much loved by PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. Soon, however, thanks to the new PDP device it will be possible to take advantage of this convenience even on the large N. hybrid console.

Faceoff Deluxe + Audio Controller, this is the name of the pad in question, it can be connected to Switch only and exclusively via cable, which will be more than 3 meters long. In addition to the convenient port for managing audio through the controller, this device also supports numerous customizations. Users with more geeks will be able to replace the front shell of the pad, the analogs and the directional cross to give a touch of class to their controller or, more simply, to use components more suited to their favorite genres. It should, however, be specified that titles like Splatoon 2 will continue to require the Nintendo Switch Online app to be able to communicate with other players, while more recent titles will give you the option to choose whether to use the app or connect headphones and microphone directly to the pad.

The price of the device is around 25 dollars and at the moment it is possible to buy it only in American territory.

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