Pokémon Go Problems: Shadow Pokémon and Team Rocket Removed

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Only two days ago on Pokémon GO had arrived a rather important novelty, with the introduction of the Pokémon Shadow and Team Rocket, a function that should have revived the summer of the many coaches that still use the Niantic app.

But it seems that things have not gone well, given that Niantic has decided to remove, probably temporarily, the new game mechanics and still, at the time of this writing, there is no trace of the update on Pokémon GO.

The official account of the game tried to explain the situation with a playful tweet, writing: “Professor Willow noticed that sightings of black and white Pokétop and Pokémon surrounded by a shadowy aura suddenly stopped. This phenomenon continues to generate problems as deep as we investigate”.

But the players don’t seem to have taken it very well. Many were surprised by Niantic ‘s lack of clarity, which gave no explanations and did not warn about the problem in time, so several players continued to play as if nothing had happened, trying to catch the Shadow Pokémon believing that they were simply very rare.

We’ll see how the software house will react in the coming days, and if the new game update will be available again. What do you think?