Pokemon Masters, Guide to Microtransactions: What to Do With In-App Purchases

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While the pre-registrations of Pokemon Masters have been opened, in the last hours the first details on the microtransactions in the game have emerged. Below we explain what you can get in Pokemon Masters with in-app purchases.

Like Nintendo’s other mobile games, Pokemon Masters also presents itself as a free-to-play game with the ability to make in-app purchases. From what has emerged so far, with the microtransactions it is possible to buy the Gems, that is the in-game currency of the game.

The Gems can be spent only for gacha items Pokemon Masters, and more specifically for the purchase of Sync Pairs, ie coupled Coach / Pokemon that can be accumulated and used within the game.

At the time of launch, 65 Sync Pairs will be available. Although it will be possible to get Sync Pairs simply by playing, their appearance will be quite rare. Putting your hand in your wallet will not be strictly necessary to get them all, but it will certainly help speed up the process considerably. However, to collect all 65 Sync Pairs you will need to invest a significant amount of time, and possibly a certain amount of Gems if you decide to opt for microtransactions.

Overall, therefore, the microtransactions of Pokemon Masters seem to play a rather marginal role, limited precisely to the gacha elements of the game. In-app purchases should not significantly affect the gameplay, nor the progression of the player in story mode.