Pokémon Rumble Rush Is Finally Available on iPhone and iPad


A full two months after its launch on Android devices via Google Play Store, Pokémon Rumble Rush has finally landed on iOS (iPhone and iPad) in free-to-start format.

In Pokémon Rumble Rush the coaches are called to undertake an expedition to discover unknown islands with many wild Pokémon to face and valuable tools to find. The Pokémon chosen for exploration in the various levels automatically heads for the nearest wild monsters, but players can touch the screen to direct its attacks wherever they want. A light touch triggers quick attacks while holding down you can use a powerful loaded move. During the trip, some wild Pokémon will join the team.

Being a free-to-start, Pokémon Rumble Rush supports in-app purchases. Here are all those available:

  • Pokédiamanti x100: € 1.09
  • Pokédiamanti x300: € 3.49
  • Initial set: € 4.49
  • Pokémon set: € 4.49
  • Processing set: € 6.99
  • Pokédiamanti set: € 8.99
  • Pokédiamanti x1.000: € 10.99
  • Pokédiamanti x2.500: € 27.99

If you are interested in downloading, all you need to do is head to the App Store directly from your device or click on this link.