Rainbow Six Siege: The Reduction of the Map Pool Is Coming, Will It Be a Real Revolution?

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Ubisoft has finally tackled the problem related to the Rainbow Six Siege classified map pool. In fact, a good part of the community has been complaining for a long time about the fact that the playable maps in the classified mode are, objectively, too many.

Since the exploits occurred that created not a few problems for the title a couple of months ago, Ubisoft has set up a page dedicated to the discussion of the critical points of the title trying to keep a direct and transparent thread with its own community. In a new official thread, users have discovered that in the near future the maps in the ranked mode could be reduced.

” We have too many maps available in the pool “, reads the official thread. In fact, currently, there are fourteen locations in total (Bank, Border, Skyscraper, Park, Consulate, Coast, Kafe, Hereford, Fortress, Outback, Chalet, Clubhouse, Oregon, and Villa) and the removal of some of them could increase player participation, as well as promoting the general health of the classified environment.

Ubisoft has already revealed that Theme Park and Kanal will receive a complete rework in the third and fourth season, so it seems likely that Theme Park will be out of rotation already, at least for a while.

In short, the rationalization of the map pool could be advantageous for the title and for the players. Allowing them to concentrate on a more contained and optimized pool could help them learn more about the maps, increasing their skills (and decreasing their frustration).

Not only that, it seems that the team will also focus on balancing the ban phase, as it has been noticed that some operators such as Caveira, Echo, Blitz, Jackal suffer from a too high ban percentage. We just have to wait for new information about that, we are sure, will not belong in coming.

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