Remedy Developed Various Concepts for Alan Wake 2, but They Didn’t Work

Alan Wake 2

Sam Lake has returned to talk about Alan Wake 2 to IGN USA microphones: after confirming that at the moment there are no plans for the sequel to the game, the founder of the Finnish studio has again stated how numerous prototypes have actually been created in recent years for AW2.

At the end of each of our projects, we tried to create various concepts for Alan Wake 2, even after the end of the development of Quantum Break we did it. It is a very different concept than usual, but honestly, the idea did not convince us “We talked a lot with various partners, we looked around, but we came to the conclusion that it didn’t look like Alan Wake at all. From here, we moved on to developing Control.

Sam Lake reiterated his love for the writer and hopes to one day develop Alan Wake 2, the franchise’s rights are now totally in the hands of the North European company, so Alan Wake’s fate depends exclusively on Remedy.