Street Fighter 6 Could Be Announced at EVO 2019 Exclusively for PS4 and PS5?

Street Fighter 6

We know that PlayStation will be a sponsor of the EVO 2019, the biggest tournament in the world in the fighting field. Sony will sponsor as many as eight of the nine lineup games, and there is still talk of a new game announced during the event.

Many are also expecting a new announcement from the Japanese company and considering the type of event, the reveal should relate to a new fighting game. There is the talk of a hypothetical PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Round 2 to try to go against the giant Super Smash Bros Ultimate but in reality, various voices from Brazil seem to suggest the imminent announcement of Street Fighter VI.

With commercially declining Street Fighter V, Capcom would have already started work on Street Fighter 6 for some time with the aim of competing with Tekken 7, a four-million-sold title. The new episode of the series should be released exclusively on PS4 and PlayStation 5 and then later on PC, while it seems excluded a launch on Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

At the moment it is, in any case, the only speculation, we will know more on 3 and 4 August during the 2019 EVO in Las Vegas.