Will Gears 5 Have a Battle Royale Multiplayer Mode? He Discusses the Coalition

Gears 5

The Coalition developer leading the team in charge of shaping the multiplayer component of the new Gears of War, Ryan Cleven, clarifies the company’s point of view regarding Gears 5’s chat royale mode.

Resuming the words spoken in this sense by the boss of the company Rod Fergusson , Cleven explained to GameSpot microphones that “Gears 5 will not include a battle royale mode at launch”, but adding that “we are big fans of this kind of multiplayer experiences, but we would like to make sure we develop our vision of the battle royale before evaluating its landing in Gears 5. We are actively listening to our community and, based on the advice and directions given to us by fans, we will try to further evolve our game modes by following the user feedback after the launch of the title”.

Curiously, the head of The Coalition recently admitted to having spent, in the years of collaboration with Epic Games , trying to cancel Fortnite in the initial stages of the development of what has become the most important videogame phenomenon on the planet , with millions of players and a turnover of billions of dollars between microtransactions, collaborations and eSport events. With or without battle royale mode, the good Fergusson will try to get a similar success with the blockbuster shooter Gears 5, whose launch is scheduled for September 6 on PC Windows 10 and Xbox One.