Xbox: The Initiative Hires Former Developers of God of War and Naughty Dog

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Some time ago, Microsoft had revealed that one of its new video game development studios was working on a new IP: the study is known as The Initiative, and it seems that it is hiring different talents and familiar faces in the videogame industry.

The Initiative’s headquarters is located in Santa Monica, California, and although it is not clear at the moment what they are actually working for, there is already something to be excited about, given the curriculum of the newcomers. Microsoft has in fact brought under its protective wing Ian Miller, Kai Zheng, Chris O’Neill, and Ray Yeomans, level designer of God of War, the exclusive masterpiece on PS4.

Among the new hires, there is also the name of Robert Ryan, already senior designer for Naughty Dog. In short, from the previous work of the talents who came to Microsoft, it seems that the new videogame in development could have something to do with the action-adventure genre, but for the moment we are still in the field of hypotheses.

Furthermore, according to the official website of the studio, The Initiative would still be looking for an art director, a senior gameplay animator, writers, engineers, and producers. It will, therefore, take a while before the workforce becomes complicated, so it is plausible that the first title of the team could arrive on Xbox Scarlett.

What do you think? What do you expect from The Initiative?