A Survey Reveals That Two Thirds of Players Have Suffered Verbal Harassment Online

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The fact that the online gaming environment can become really difficult to bear is something known to more or less everyone. But as often happens, numbers make us realize the extent and size of what is in effect a problem.

A recent survey conducted in the USA took a thousand online gamers as a sample and revealed that about two-thirds of respondents suffered threats, insults and verbal violence in general during an online match.

Impressive numbers, however, that never cease to amaze: more than half of those interviewed said that the insults related to their race, religion, ability, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity, and about a quarter of the sample said that the harassment in question concerned insults racists generated by the ideology of white superiority.

The phenomenon unfortunately seems to be expanding . A similar survey conducted this year revealed that “only” 37% of Americans had suffered severe online harassment. The problem therefore, despite the size of the sample, seems to be real and well defined, and the experts must continue to look for solutions to stem it, even though obviously the biggest step must be done by users in the first place.

What do you think of the survey? Do you also hear of any kind during your raids online?