Blood & Truth for PS VR Updates with New Game +, Online Leaderboards and New Challenges

Blood & Truth

Galvanized by the excellent reviews of Blood & Truth and by the reception given to them by PS4 users in possession of a PS VR viewer, the SIE London studies confirm the imminent arrival of the first, important post-launch update of their hard-boiled virtual reality shooter.

The next free Blood & Truth update is expected to arrive between the afternoon of July 25th and Friday, July 26th. The main dish of the update will be represented by the New Game +, a mode that will allow us to re-immerse ourselves in the story of Ryan Marks to relive the adventures keeping all the weapons, modifications and skins previously unlocked to go hunting for collectibles escaped in the first game.

Also within the new update, we will also find the Online Leaderboards, with all the statistics and scores obtained in the missions and challenges of the game. Thanks to this system it will be possible to compare one’s own in-game data with those of the friends on the list and to know one’s position in the general classification. But that is not all.

The update at the end of July introduces five unpublished challenges, of collectible objects positioned in strategic points of the levels and, above all, of alternative routes in the missions of the main campaign, through which to experiment original gaming experiences. In the coming months, the authors of SIE London Studio promise to further enrich the Blood & Truth shooter universe with new modes, features and activities to participate in with their PS VR viewer.