Destiny 2: Trailer and Details for the Hero Solstice, Coming Next Week

Destiny 2

As promised in the Casa Bungie Weekly a couple of weeks ago, the Destiny 2: Renegades development team has finally discovered the cards for what concerns the Hero Solstice, the one that will probably be the last event of the Year 2 of the shooter.

In a long post published on the official website of the software house in Seattle, all the information on the summer event was released, during which Guardians from all over the world will be able to forge a legendary armor just like last year. The particularity, this time, lies in the fact that whoever manages to forge an entire set by the end of the event, at the launch of Shadows from the Deep can go to the gunsmith Banshee to pick up a new version of the set in version 2.0, or with the new integrated perk system.

There is also the arrival of a new activity with lots of matchmaking set on Earth and with 3-player support. This activity, set in the new European Aerial Zone (EAZ), will allow us to defeat bosses of the Cabal, the Beehive and the Fallen within a time limit, at the end of which a final boss will appear even more difficult to throw down. At the end of the mission, players can open chests containing prodigious cores, armor, and materials.

During the Solstice it will also be possible to obtain temporary buffs linked to the elements. To unlock these upgrades you will need to use energy, destructive weapons and classes corresponding to the element of the day to obtain elemental spheres that will serve as currency for the purchase.

Unlike past events, this time there will be no ad hoc luminous engrams and all objects such as asters, ghosts, and set ornaments will be purchased in the Eververse using silver or luminous powder.

At this point, there is nothing to do but leave you to the funny trailer of the event, which will start next Tuesday, July 30, 2019, and end on August 27, exactly 14 days before the advent of Shadowkeep and the Year 3.

Did you know that the Gjallarhorn could return to Destiny 2 thanks to the arrival of an event called Solar Week? We also remind you that until next Tuesday you can return to battle thanks to the Destiny 2 Iron Banner.