Does the Latest GTA Online Update Hide a Clue About Bully 2?

Bully 2

The latest update of GTA OnlineDiamond Casino & Resort, may contain a reference to Bully 2 as discovered by some fans. The update in fact provides a new possibility, that of being able to decorate one’s attic, and one of the options has given users a light bulb.

Among the various items that can be purchased, there are posters and paintings of various kinds, and it is precisely the title of a painting, ” Canis Canem Edit ” that would seem to be a reference to Bully, who was so-called in Europe after some controversy erupted because of the name.

Canis Canem Edit in Latin means “Dog eats dog”, a literal translation of an English saying that in the Albion language makes the most sense: it is used to say “It’s a dog eat dog world” to indicate the fact that men often overlook other men for their thirst for power.

Another curiosity is that under the picture you can read in the game the name of the author, a certain Mathew Morse. Given the relevance to the Morse code, some users have tried to read something hidden inside the images that make up the “work of art”, and there are those who swear to have seen the letters N, D, and A, the initials of “Non-Disclosure Agreement”, ie non-disclosure agreement. A sort of mockery in the insult, since an agreement of this kind, foresees precisely that there is no mention of a particular product.

Others have suggested that Mathew Morse will be the name of one of Bully 2’s characters. What do you think? Do you think it’s really a clue that hides the sequel to the 2006 Rockstar title? Are we close to an official announcement?