Dr. Disrespect Returns to Lash out Against Apex Legends: “Looks Like a Pre-Alpha”

Fortnite Dr. Disrespect

The good Dr. DisRespect does not send her to say, as usual. After other terrible performances in the company of the title Respawn Entertainment, he returned to lash out against the battle royale.

The Doctor, this time, had to deal with audio problems in the middle of a game: although he had headphones, in fact, he was not able to hear an opponent who was fast approaching while he was trying to get back on track a teammate.

” Oh yes, beautiful steps, ” he said, before venting his frustration on the table. ” I’m so … tired of this game. It is literally incomplete. ” He added: ” I mean, I heard footsteps? No. I only heard when it was just us. Not where it should have been. It still looks a beta? Plus a pre-alpha “.

This, of course, is not the first time that the Doc rails against the popular battle royale. The streamer, in fact, has run into several bugs and problems that have given us a huge amount of streamed curtains.

It remains to be seen if he will continue to play the Respawn title. We bet you will throw on some other game (maybe it will come back on Fortnite or PUBG, just to shoot at zero), always with the great elegance and composure that sets it apart.