Epic Games Store: Postponed Some of the Features Initially Planned for June

Epic Games Store Will Offer a Free Game a Week for the Rest of 2019

Several months have now passed since the official launch of the Epic Games Store, a new digital platform set up by the authors of Fortnite Battaglia Reale which is adding more and more exclusivity to its library.

Despite everything, however, support for the digital store is not progressing in the best way and, at the moment, many of the features that Epic Games had promised for last month have yet to arrive. Although there are no official announcements about the postponement of these updates, it is possible to see the postponement on the official Trello page, through which the developers have moved the arrival of features such as cloud saves to the current month.

Among the promises made for the month of June we find:

  • Ability to search for games through tags and genre
  • Improvements to the game installation system
  • Improvements to the additional content management system
  • Offline mode improvements
  • Ability to include videos in store pages
  • Restyle of the pages dedicated to individual games

Unfortunately only the first three of the features listed above have been published punctually, while all the others are still waiting to see the light. Given the absence of announcements by those directly involved, it is also unlikely that anything will come out by the end of July, despite the fact that this is the month of release of many of these innovations according to what is written on Trello.

In short, the number of exclusives on the store continues to grow but the innovations in terms of client improvements, increasingly requested by users, are struggling to arrive.

Did you know that a new game will be presented on the Epic Games Store until the end of the current year?