For the UK the FIFA Packages Are Not Comparable to Gambling

FIFA18 and FIFA 19 with 45 Million Active Players

The observatory that deals with betting in the United Kingdom pronounced itself in favor of FIFA 19 (and the other chapters of the game) regarding the loot box issue, prize packages and so on, confirming that this is not a situation comparable to gambling.

The motivation is that there are no official ways to monetize their content, and a prize should be in cash or have monetary value to fall under the gambling legislation.

Of course there are unauthorized third parties who buy and sell in-game content, actually making it a virtual currency, but the director of the commission of inquiry into bets, Brad Enright, acknowledged Electronic Arts ‘s constant commitment to the black market that has come to be created.

The contents of the packages that can be purchased in FIFA are revealed only after payment, exactly as in the loot boxes, and there are already many cases in which users, especially children, end up spending crazy figures blinded by the dependency mechanism that can generate games such.

So even in FIFA 20, there will be the classic FUT packages. In any case, although for the laws in the United Kingdom these mechanics cannot be equated with gambling, there is still to be careful and watch over, especially on the younger players, to avoid that in the future they could repeat such situations.