Fortnite 2nd Birthday: Get Health or Shield with the Birthday Cake

Fortnite 2nd Birthday

From today, Epic Games battle royale players can dedicate themselves to the new challenges dedicated to Fortnite’s second birthday. In this mini-guide, we explain how to complete the “Get health or shield with the birthday cake” challenge.

Below we show you how to complete the challenge that requires you to get 50 health points or shield with the Birthday Cake, one of the new consumable items introduced with the 9.41 Fortnite update.

Get health or shield with the Birthday Cake (0/50)

As you can see in the image shown at the bottom of the page, 10 birthday cakes were introduced in the Fortnite Season 9 map. These cakes are scattered throughout the island of Battaglia Reale, and around them, you will find small slices of cake with which you can interact.

Interacting with a slice of cake you will get 5 health points and 5 shield points. To complete the challenge in question you will have to get a total of 50 health points or shields from the cakes. All you have to do to complete it, therefore, is to interact with the slices of cake until you have obtained 50 health points or shields, just as shown in the video shown at the beginning.