Fortnite: Ninja Tells the Reasons That Have Moved Him Away from the Stream

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After the release of Fortnite, Ninja quickly became one of the most recognizable figures on the Twitch platform, regularly attracting tens of thousands of spectators, fans and VIPs like Drake.

In July, Ninja traveled to Los Angeles to attend the NFL Social Summit and chose not to stream. He took his time, explaining his reasoning on the occasion of his return to active streaming.

Ninja revealed that he would also be able to use the Californian Red Bull studios for streaming, but he chose not to do it because he didn’t want to.

Ninja said: ” I have always missed streaming. I missed the game, I love playing, playing is my life. I found myself a few days around doing nothing, but it seemed almost better than streammare – I can’t say that streaming is a stretch for me – but my last streams before leaving were absolutely toxic, the chat it was toxic ”.

Ninja went on to explain how this kind of thing can hurt your health, and he needed to take some time to recover.

The former professional from Halo explained: ” I know you shouldn’t let the hater get you. It’s one of those things that, when it happens for months … those are the things that wear you down and tear you to pieces … after eight months I needed a break. I spent every day with my wife, I saw my closest friends in California and I met a lot of new people. “

While many can see the stream like a dream job, being in the spotlight and in front of an audience all day, every day, is not at all simple and can lead to accumulating an incredible amount of stress.

For Ninja, the stress of being one of Twitch’s biggest stars was clearly starting to weigh and he took a few days to stay away from his source of income.