Love Breaks out Between PUBG and Fortnite: “Epic Is a Great Partner,” Reveals Pubg Corp

PUBG and Fortnite

About a year after Epic’s court summons for plagiarism of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with Fortnite, Brian Corrigan of PUBG Corporation explains from the PCGamesN columns that the relationship between the two gaming giants has definitely changed since then.

The boss of the software house that launched the battle royale phenomenon with PUBG states that “when our game was launched we thought we would be able to have limited success and that we would have to publish it only in physical version, but things went otherwise and it was fantastic. Many things have changed, the project has evolved enormously over time and we have changed too. People continue to have this idea that there is still some animosity or something more serious with Epic, but in I’m one of our best partners, we always talk to them!”.

Corrigan himself adds that the distension of relations between Epic and PUBG Corp. is due to the fact that his iconic battle royale and Fortnite are two titles that can coexist in the same market, so that “while I think we can learn something from them, and they do as we do with all developers, but I don’t believe that their model is exactly in line with ours and that it can also work with us We have a more intense competitive game, a functional eSport program and a different management of the Seasons. […] That of battle royale is not a unique formula but PUBG offers a unique experience of its kind, there really is nothing else out there like our game”.

While we await the possible response of Epic Games to the conciliatory statements of the boss of PUBG Corp, we remind those who follow us that the Fortnite Season 10 will start soon, as the spectators of the Fortnite Cattus vs Doggus event could have guessed.