Overwatch Is an Unstoppable Success: Over a Billion Dollars in Microtransactions

Overwatch Finally Adds Game Replays

While preparations are underway for Sigma ‘s arrival in Overwatch, SuperData analysts inform us that Blizzard’s hero shooter has officially become the sixth video game in the history of Activision to exceed $ 1 billion in revenues through microtransactions.

The particular economic management system that oversees Overwatch’s in-game store, including Loot Boxes and additional packages dedicated to individual unlockable heroes, allows Blizzard Entertainment’s authors to earn revenues at nine zeroes and keep the interest of the community alive with constant updates., and this without considering the revenues generated by the sale of the basic game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

As underlined in the latest analysis conducted by SuperData, the commercial success of Overwatch allows Blizzard’s hero shooter to enter the exclusive club of the Activision series, managing to exceed one billion dollars in revenues through microtransactions, with IP of the caliber of World of Warcraft , Call of Duty, Destiny, Hearthstone and Candy Crush.

What do you think of this result? Do you think that it can favor the development of Overwatch 2 hypothesized by rumors circulated on the net in these months? Let us know with a comment, but not before admiring the pictures of the Overwatch Summer Games skins.