PS5 and Xbox Scarlett: Simpler Optimization and More Time to Create Games

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Since the technical specifications of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett became public knowledge, many experts have expressed themselves with enthusiastic tones. Among the most appreciated features is the SSD, which will speed up loading in games, especially in the open world.

The smaller teams, on the other hand, praised the architecture that will make the optimization process much easier. In recent times, Hemanshu Chhabra of Tripe-I Games has joined the same choir, a team working on Hindsight 20/20, an action-adventure game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch next year. In an interview with Gaming Bolt, the developer said that the high bandwidth offered by PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will make the optimization process faster, allowing the additional time to be invested in the actual creation.

“Since we are realizing a fully 3D title with very large worlds and different characters in the play, much of our time is being spent on optimizing graphics and CPU. To us, better CPUs and GPUs they would give us the luxury of spending more time creating the game, mine is an engineering training, and although I like the optimization work, as a game designer I would rather spend more time realizing the game and incorporating ideas that could make it better . this for our future games, since we will have a greater bandwidht “.

What do you think of his words? For our part, we look forward to discovering new details on the next-gen consoles. Sony will participate in both the Gamescom 2019 in Cologne and the Tokyo Game Show 2019: are any PS5 news coming up?