Punching for a Pokémon Go Gym: It Happens in Japan

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The world is full of bizarre video game stories, and the one we are about to tell you is certainly particular. Two men, aged 44 and 43, became protagonists of a fistfight on the street, because of Pokémon GO.

It happened in Japan, in Aichi Prefecture, where one of the two protagonists of the brawl was arrested on charges of physical violence on July 22nd. According to reports from the local police, the man had punched another person in the face and nose who was playing Pokémon GO on the street.

The dispute seems to have arisen precisely because of problems relating to the game, we think of a struggle for the control of a gym, which in addition to the Niantic app has dragged itself into real life. We do not currently know the condition of the person affected, nor the duration of the conviction for the accused, but for sure he will think well the next time he tries to conquer a gym.

Meanwhile, there seem to be problems, albeit of a completely different nature, for the game, since Pokémon Shadow and Team Rocket disappeared in Pokémon GO, introduced with an update just a few days ago. The Community Day of August of Pokémon GO instead is dedicated to Ralts, as revealed yesterday by Niantic.