Red Dead Online Glitch Horror: Check out a Ghost in the Snows of the Frontier!

Red Dead Online Glitch Horror

In spite of the commitment and the huge resources invested by Rockstar Games to improve Red Dead Online, explorers of the RDR2 Multiplayer Frontier often come across some unusual bugs or glitches such as the one that emerged recently of the disturbing appearance of a ghost.

To signal this unusual paranormal phenomenon is a user of the Reddit community who managed to capture the scene on video: according to the RDR2 player, venturing near the abandoned settlement of Colter in the guise of his alter-ego was alerted by the noise of an animal in the neighborhood and, turning towards the direction of the sound, saw the zigzagging trace of an invisible creature formed in the snow .

The shape of the track and the speed with which it was impressed on the ground has led many, among the members of the videogame forum intervened in response to the video, to believe that this unusual mediumistic phenomenon can be traced back to the banal glitch of the polygonal model of a rabbit. Banal yes, but certainly no less distressing for those who have the misfortune to come across similar in-game events.

The prize for the strangest and, to some extent, a disturbing bug in the digital dead west of Red Dead Redemption 2 remains firmly in the hands of the glitches of Red Dead Online’s horse carcasses. In May, in fact, many have had to witness the appearance of hundreds of dead horses piled up on the roads of the Frontier that converge in the commercial hubs of villages and settlements.

Didn’t know ghosts live near colter. from reddeadredemption