Rockstar Works on Open-World Next-Gen Games: Are They GTA 6 and Bully 2?

Bully 2

The idea that Rockstar Games, after the resounding success with Red Dead Redemption 2, is working on something big for the arrival of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett has been floating in the air for some time.

In recent weeks, rumors have intensified that the company is working on the highly anticipated GTA 6, while other rumors have spoken of an old project concerning Bully 2, now apparently canceled by the developers.

Thanks to the various job advertisements published by the company, in any case, we find out that Rockstar is certainly committed to creating some open-world titles for the next videogame generation. As we learn from its official pages, the US company intends to create “open-world next-gen worlds and future exciting projects”, as well as creating “immersive environments, alive and totally cured”. To help in the creation of the “best and largest open worlds of the industry” there will be the Environment Artist and Environment Terrain Artist of which Rockstar is said to be currently in search.

The most likely scenario – considering that we are talking about particularly wide-open worlds – sees Rockstar at work on GTA 6, but we do not even feel able to rule out that Bully can finally return for the enjoyment of fans of the first chapter. Meanwhile, the rumor that the company wanted to make a remake of Red Dead Redemption and a DLC on the aliens for the sequel was denied by the author of the leak that only emerged a few days ago. What do you expect from Rockstar Games for the arrival of next-generation consoles?