The Catherine Full Body Demo Is Now Also Available on the European Playstation Store

Catherine Full Body

SEGA and Atlus have finally published the Catherine Full Body demo also on the European PlayStation Store.

At a time when the demo versions have become incredibly rare, players will have the opportunity to test the modernization work carried out by the developers before launching in the Old Continent, set for September 3rd exclusively on PlayStation 4. Catherine Full Body, we remember, has been available in Japan since February 14th, also in the PlayStation Vita edition.

The demo weighs just under 5 GB and can be downloaded directly from the console by accessing the PlayStation Store. If you find it more comfortable, you can also add it to the collection by going to this address. Thanks to this demo version, you can test the first two days of the adventure offered by Full Body, which compared to the original edition introduces a “new Catherine” called Rin, a greater number of ramifications for the story, further levels of difficulty, mechanical new gameplay and enhanced multiplayer options.