The Mika and Cryptic Skins Among the Fortnite Store Update Items


It’s a good time to buy your new skin on Fortnite since the online shop continues to have a wide selection every day. The update of today ‘s Fortnite store is no exception, given the arrival of the Mika and Cryptic skins, and many more.

The two outfits mentioned above are of a rare nature, and therefore cost 1200 V-Bucks, but they are not the only new arrivals today. In fact, we also find Lace and Paradox, both epic and therefore costing 1500 V-Bucks, which bring the total of new arrivals to four. The Vision is completed by the Vision pick, the Equilibrium glider, and the Enigma cover.

In the Daily Sales instead, we find other two new skins, Arctic Assassin and Birdie, of 1200 and 800 V-Bucks respectively. The latter will give your player the look of a golfer, and therefore goes well with the Driver pick, also among the items on sale today. Finally, we find two emotes, Bouncer and Savor the W and the Squared cover. Have you already decided how to spend your V-Bucks?

In Fortnite, an exclusive style for Fishstick dedicated to the World Cup has been made available for a short time. Recently, the 9.41 update of Fortnite was released. Find all the latest news on our site.