Android on Nintendo Switch? an Unofficial Rom Is Coming


The Switchroot modder team announced that it will soon release a first (obviously unofficial) Android operating system for Nintendo Switch.

The build-in question will be based on LineageOS 15.1 and consequently on Android 8.1 Oreo instead of Android Q as assumed at first. The team ensures that ” all the files needed for installation will be provided in a convenient ZIP, including a bootloader “, however, the successful start of the Big G OS on Nintendo Switch remains uncertain.

For the moment Android Switch will not be used for practical applications of any kind, the purpose of this first test phase is only to guarantee the installation of the operating system on the console, the first step towards something more concrete that could not never occur due to technical limitations.

It should also be noted that the project could be blocked by Google or Nintendo, even if the developers say they are confident about the clemency of the two companies mentioned.