Astral Chain on Switch: The Combat System in the New Action Trailer

Astral Chain, New Artwork Released by Platinum Games

The boys of Platinum Games propose us the extended version, in English, of the Astral Chain Action Trailer, focused on the adrenaline fighting system of the new sci-fi adventure for Nintendo Switch by the authors of Bayonetta.

The video that awaits you at the beginning of the article allows us to become familiar with the rich pattern of moves, attacks and abilities that we will be able to unlock by interpreting the Legions of this ambitious third-person action veined with roleplaying elements.

Also thanks to this trailer we can also refute the words spoken by the director Takahisa Taura about the different options to deal with the battles of Astral Chain, thus breaking the rhythm of the battles to infuse originality to every challenge with choices that, for example, will include the possibility to independently manage each Legion of our hero group.

The marketing of Astral Chain is scheduled for August 30 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.