Capcom Records the New World Into the Depths Brand!

Capcom Already Has the Graphics Engine for ps5 and Xbox Scarlett Ready

Capcom has registered the Shinsekai Into the Depths / New World Into the Depths brand in Europe, with registration expected soon also in Japan and North America. What exactly could it be?

Difficult to say as the house in Osaka has not announced anything about it, according to some speculation New World Into the Depths would be the name of a new IP similar to Sega’s Yakuza while others opt for the new official Deep Down title, moreover there is who hypothesizes a new expansion for Monster Hunter World and even Dragon’s Dogma 2 .

We just have to wait for any announcements about it, for the moment everything is silent at Capcom even though we know that the company is developing new projects, probably including a title for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett. What could you think of?