Epic Games Store Has Started Supporting Cloud Rescues

Epic Games Store Can Block the Account If You Buy Too Many Games in a Row

As we have told you, this month Epic Games Store gives Moonlighter and This War of Mine, offering for the first time two free video games in a single month to its users. The good news, however, does not seem to have ended here.

Among the main criticisms being made of the platform, there is indeed the lack of some basic services, which can make Epic Games Store a real alternative to Steam and other platforms. One of them, cloud saving, is finally about to be introduced.

Some Reddit users have in fact noticed that on some games a button has now appeared that enables cloud saves, a feature not yet supported by the platform. The same Epic Games has postponed some features of the store that were even planned for last month, so the introduction of cloud saving has surprised users a bit.

Even Tim Sweeney has confirmed the arrival of the service, writing on Twitter: “Bailouts are cloud-enabled for some games now. We still have a bit ‘of work to do before they are in effect.”

What do you think of the situation? Are you pleased with the introduction of the cloud saving service? Please note that Moonlighter and This War of Mine will be downloadable on the platform until August 2nd.