Epic Store: That’s Why 2 Games, Moonlighter and This War of Mine, Are Free

Epic Games Store Will Offer a Free Game a Week for the Rest of 2019

This week, unlike what usually happens, on the Epic Games Store have been published two free titles that can be added to the library of any user: Moonlighter and This War of Mine.

The motivation behind this particular choice is not the excessive generosity of the Fortnite Battaglia Reale developers, who want their users to start building their own library, but is due to the presence of a title forbidden to minors. It seems that to make sure that all players can play something new during the week, Epic Games has decided to give both a title suitable for all and one dedicated to adults. As you may have noticed, a similar situation will be repeated again next week and, to counterbalance the presence of the free copy of For Honor, users will be allowed to add Alan Wake to their library for free.

We also remind you that until the end of the current year you can download at least one new free title per week on the Epic Games Store and, to redeem Moonlighter and This War of Mine, you will have until next Thursday afternoon.

Did you know that some of the features of the Epic Store planned for last month have not yet been published?