Final Fantasy VII: New Promo Video for the Revival Disc of the Soundtrack

Final Fantasy VII A PC Mod

Square-Enix has released a new promo video for the revival disc of the original Final Fantasy VII soundtrack. The disc includes 85 tracks printed on a Blu-ray and was released on July 24th in Japan.

It will be sold through the Square Enix online store, Amazon’s Japanese division and Sony’s music shop for the price of 5000 yen (around 42 euros). You can watch the video, lasting just over four minutes, at the beginning of the news. Obviously, a Western release, even before it is Italian, is highly unlikely, so if you intend to buy it you will have to resort to imports.

Still, on the subject of the soundtrack, the Final Fantasy soundtracks have recently arrived on Spotify and Apple Music, an excellent opportunity to recover some of the most memorable works by Nobuo Uematsu, historical composer linked to the Square Enix saga, including some rarities taken from spin-offs, expansions, and even a movie.

Recently a version of Final Fantasy VII was released on Nintendo Switch. Find all the information on our site.