Fire Emblem: Three Houses Guide to Houses, Which One to Choose?


Which house to choose in the Fire Emblem Three Houses from the Black Eagles, the Blue Lions, and the Golden Deers? In this mini-guide we describe the characteristics of each house, helping you to choose the one that best suits your style of play.

Leaders’ personalities say a lot about the nature of the three houses. If you prefer distance fighting, then Claude and the Golden Deer would be the best choice for you. For a more militaristic approach, instead, Dimitri and the Blue Lions would do for you. If instead, you want to opt for magic, then you would do well to choose Edelgard and the Black Eagles.

Once the combat section of the Fire Emblem Three Houses prologue has been completed, you will be asked to permanently choose a family to support for the rest of the adventure. Let’s look at all three closely, so as to help you choose the one that suits you best.

Blue Lions (Leader: Dimitri)

The Blue Lions are the most militaristic faction of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He comes from the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, and his leader Dimitri is a strict and industrious man. He prefers spears on all other weapons in combat.

Dimitri’s Royal Lineage ability gives a 1.2% bonus on experience points earned. He is strong against swords and spears, weak in axes and spells.

Blue Lions students
Apart from Dimitri, the Blue Lions host a lot of other students in the monastery. We present them below.

  • Dedue: A good-natured young man, Dedue has been working for Dmitri for the past 4 years. If he does nothing but waits during a turn, he gets a +4 defense bonus for the next round.
  • Felix: This character is a little arrogant, but also incredibly skilled. The Lone Wolf skill gives him a +5 damage bonus when no battalion is assigned.
  • Ashe: As someone who has been adopted in royalty, Ashe is actually quite humble. His Lockpick skill allows you to open doors and chests without keys.
  • Sylvain: Sylvain loves to imagine himself as a gentleman. His Philander ability gives an adjacent female ally a +2 damage bonus and allows him to take 2 less damage.
  • Mercedes: a sort of healer, Mercedes generally takes care of everyone around her, both inside and outside the battle. Her Vivi per Servire ability allows her to recover the same amount of health when she heals another unit.
  • Annette: A hard-working student, Annette is cheerful, even if a little oblivious. Her Perseverance ability allows her to use Rally to assign +4 Strength to an ally.
  • Ingrid: A noble character, Ingrid is diligent and works hard. Lady Knight’s ability grants Mt +3 and Hit +5 with Gambit.

Black Eagles (Leader: Edelgard)

The House of the Black Eagles is specialized in the use of magic. The Adrestian Empire is the place from which this faction comes. They are just one of three powers fighting for control of the land of Fodlan, who at the time of the game is in a state of peace.

Edelgard is the stubborn head of the Black Eagles. In battle, he is strong against swords, axes, and knights, but he is weak against bows and magic attacks. The skill that defines Edelgard is called “Imperial lineage”. This unique trait multiplies all the experience gained by 1.2%.

Students of the Black Eagles
Below we describe all the students of the Black Eagles, talking about their crucial characteristics.

  • Hubert: This character has been in the service of Edelgard since the two were children. Hubert’s official Duty skill grants +5 Mt with Gambit.
  • Ferdinand: Originally from a high-ranking family in the Hadrian Empire, Ferdinand is a bit of a rival to Edelgard. His key skill is Trust, which gives a +15 boost to Avoid when Ferdinand is in full health.
  • Linhardt: Linhardt loves the pisoloni and can fall asleep when a hat falls. Catnap is the unique skill of Linhardt, which allows him to recover 10% of maximum health if he does nothing but wait for his turn.
  • Caspar: Caspar is stubborn but eager to prove himself. The born fighter ability penalizes adjacent enemies with -10 to avoid during battle.
  • Bernadetta: Bernadetta is a somewhat eccentric character. Her Persecution Complex ability gives her +5 Attack every time she’s not in full health.
  • Dorothea: Dorothea is a singer of a famous opera company in the empire. His Songstress ability causes adjacent allies to recover + 10% of maximum health at the start of each turn.
  • Petra: Petra is the niece of a king of the land of Bridget, who is a ship state of the Hadrian Empire. His hunter’s Boon ability provides +20 to critical strike probability when his health is less than 50%.

Golden Deer (Leader: Claude)

Unlike the other two houses, the Golden Deers present themselves as an alliance and not as a kingdom. The Leicester Alliance is composed of several smaller regions, which have regrouped to compete with the Hadrian Empire and the Kingdom of Faerghus.

In the monastery, Claude is the head of the Golden Deer. The faction specializes in ranged weapons, so if you prefer archers, you will certainly be at ease.

Compared to Edelgard and Dimitri, Claude is a more relaxed and playful leader. In combat, he specializes in ranged weapons, just like the rest of the faction. It is strong against swords, bows and flying units, but is weak against spears and close spells.

Golden Deer Students The Golden Deer
faction can also count on a large team of students. Let’s get to know it closely.

  • Lorenz: A little arrogant, Lorenz imagines himself an experienced lover. His distinguished House ability gives him 2 extra damage if he is information with another unit.
  • Raphael: A rather cheerful boy, Raphael comes from a family of merchants from the Leicester Alliance. His skill is Goody Basket, which gives Raphael the chance to recover up to 10% of his maximum health at the start of each round.
  • Ignatz: Another son of a merchant family, Ignatz is training to become a knight. The Attentive Eye ability gives Ignatz +20 a chance to hit.
  • Lysithea: The youngest of all the female students, Lysithea has a beautiful character. His Mastermind ability provides double XP from all battles.
  • Marianne: This student is a recluse, and even Claude doesn’t know much about her. His Animal Friend’s ability returns 20% of maximum health at the start of each turn, but only when it is adjacent to cavalry or flying unit.
  • Hilda: Probably the laziest student in the monastery, at least according to Claude. The Advocate ability gives 3 extra damage to three adjacent allies during combat.
  • Leonie: If a male ally is adjacent to Leonie, the unit deals 2 extra damage and suffers 2 less damage during combat.

Now that we have described the three houses of the game in detail, we hope to have clarified your ideas about which faction is right for you. What do you think to choose?