Fire Emblem Three Houses Is Updated With Day One Patch

Fire Emblem Three House

Fire Emblem Three Houses are available today on Nintendo Switch and for the occasion the Kyoto company has published the first day one patch that updates the game to version 1.01, introducing small innovations and improvements.

Specifically, the patch adds the Additional Content link in the main menu (refer directly to Nintendo eShop) and the possibility of changing outfits in the Monastery, as well as ” resolving various bugs and problems to improve the gaming experience “.

The new Nintendo game has been received positively by critics,” Compelling, cerebral and elegantly deep, Fire Emblem Three Houses marries all The tactical acumen of his turn-based battles is a management dimension that exalts, even more, the role of the strategic spirit of Intelligent Systems. In the middle there are three abundant campaigns and an extraordinary cast of characters: an essential tactical experience for elite fighters “But on which hides the shadow of a visual frame between highs and lows. Nevertheless, the new Nintendo exclusive goes into the field proclaiming itself the next 2019 champion of Switch.

Nintendo has already announced that it will soon release a new update with an extra level of difficulty that will be added to the Normal and Hard levels.